Garnet S.Heraman, Partner

Garnet is an investor and influencer with 25 years experience in innovation, strategy and ventures. His current roles include: Managing Director of the FuturesNYC accelerator + fund, and Investor in Residence at the HVAMC 3D Printing Innovation Lab.  Previously, he was a founding partner at Aegis Investment Partners, which provides mezzanine capital for corporate ventures. His resource nexus spans NYC, Denver, St. Louis, Silicon Valley, SoCal, Vancouver/Seattle, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.


Alexander perros, Partner

Alexander Perros is a seasoned executive with 17 years of strategy, operations, business development, and entrepreneurship experience in management consulting, home furnishings, and real estate industries. He has a unique aptitude of working with founders in creative industries to create value through the artful management of expansion and cost control. He is known for his loyalty, modesty and geniality.

Wallace Patterson

Wallace Patterson,

Wallace Patterson is an experienced and driven sales leader with a deep knowledge of 3D printing and faith in the transformative power of 3D design and additive manufacturing. The first salesperson ever hired at MakerBot, Patterson rose to be to its inside sales manager, then global director of enterprise sales, and established the Innovation Center solution - a scalable network of desktop 3D printers combined with software, supplies, training, and support.


James Piacentino,

James Piacentino is a two-time startup builder and currently a Corporate Strategist within SAP SE’s Global Office of the CEO.  With eight years of startup experience and nine years of corporate experience, James has worked with Fortune 100 Corporations, Startups, Incubators and Ventures (career spanning) to drive product incubation through market delivery resulting in startup exits, corporate re-invention and global deal flow.  An avid public speaker and blogger, quoted in Forbes and Harvard Business Review.  Most recently, our family co-founded a non-profit foundation to drive support for research pertaining to children with pediatric heart defects.


Matt Toner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Since the dot-boom of the 90s, Matt has founded, co-founded or managed the growth of a half dozen startups, three intrapreneurially initiatives and, oddly, one nationally broadcast television series. His specialty lies in the inception, direction and production of innovative ideas ranging from bleeding-edge mobile games to social media analytics engines.