Garnet S.Heraman, managing Partner

Garnet is an international investor and influencer with 25 years experience in innovation, strategy and ventures. In addition to overseeing investments at Anvil, some of his current roles include: Co-host of The Innovation Podcast #theipod; Head of Brand Strategy for New York Synthetics; Investor in Residence at the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center and board director / advisor at numerous technology ventures in North & South America, Europe and Asia.  Previously, he was a founding partner at Aegis Investment Partners, which provides mezzanine capital for corporate ventures.

Garnet was on the founding management team of, the world's first digital art & culture destination on the web (1996), now part of The New Museum. He also was a founding board member (1999-2001) of the TiE-New York chapter, part of the world’s largest global entrepreneurship network. Finally, the CORO Foundation named him to their prestigious Leadership New York Program XI (2000-1).

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James A. Kern

James A. Kern is an Experientialist.  He is the Founder and Creative Practice Leader of EXPERIENTIALISM, a brand experience innovation firm that leverages Story, Design and Technology to engineer trust in target audiences and create business value for clients. James’ specialty is helping brands develop, define and deliver unique relevance to their markets - driving demand and desire for their products and services while increasing social currency for both the brands and their advocates. James infuses his background in social psychology and media studies with a passion for Experiential Innovation. 

The go-to for global agencies and companies, James built his career as an award-winning Experiential Creative Director for Fortune 100 companies. As a culture connector he is an expert at creating influential, engaging experiences for B2B and B2C audiences in IoT, SaaS / Cloud, Automotive, Mobile & Consumer Electronics, Luxury Lifestyle, Entertainment and Sports.

Wallace Patterson

Wallace Patterson,

Wallace Patterson is an experienced and driven sales leader with a deep knowledge of 3D printing and faith in the transformative power of 3D design and additive manufacturing. The first salesperson ever hired at MakerBot, Patterson rose to be to its inside sales manager, then global director of enterprise sales, and established the Innovation Center solution - a scalable network of desktop 3D printers combined with software, supplies, training, and support.


mark Reed-edwards,

Mark Reed-Edwards founded Reed-Edwards Global in 2010 after a long career working as a marketer and writer, mainly for technology companies. He specializes in telling stories about and for companies, products, analysts and executives.

He has also built and led marketing groups, spearheaded branding and rebranding efforts, and consulted with some of the world’s leading brands, including: Stratus Computer, EMC,, Yankee Group,, Sophos, AT&T, BAE Systems, CA, Ciena, Globant, HfS Research, Kaspersky, Kronos, Raytheon Cyber, Simple Tuition and Spartan Race.

An accomplished podcaster, Mark co-hosts The Innovation Podcast #theipod with Garnet.

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Rahul Mehta,

Rahul Mehta is a corporate development executive at Arconic (NYSE: ARNC). Prior to that he held senior investment banking positions at both Barclays and Lehman Brothers, amassing more than 18 years of experience in M&A, capital markets and corporate finance. He has advised some of the world's most sophisticated companies on deals worth $40+ billion during his decade long career on Wall Street. Rahul focuses on high growth areas at the intersection of industry and technology, with expertise in strategy, process management and negotiation.


Mike Lightman,

Mike Lightman is an experienced international entrepreneur. After completing his MBA, Mike worked with at Excell Partners, a smaller hardware focused VC in New York that invests in pre-seed and seed deals. Mike had the traditional associate role, conducting diligence and finding new deals. Over time he took on a more senior position and led diligence teams for multiple deals.

Mike joined the World Bank in November, 2015. His roles normally involve assessing and redesigning startup support programs, preparing startups for investment, and liaising directly with investors. 

In his free time Mike is a part time EIR with Hax, the world’s first and largest hardware accelerator. He mentors companies at Urban-X (a smart city accelerator in NYC) and 1776 (a global incubator). Mike has been on the selection committee of SXSW Eco, is a founding board member of CENTCOM New York tech scout week (where US Central Command meets with technology startups), and is generally mentoring a few startups at any given time.


Lane Jost,

Lane Jost is currently the Director of Philanthropy at Santander US, where he leads the Bank's $10M annual grants portfolio that includes impact investing in economic development, affordable housing and financial education across Santander'sNortheastern US footprint. He joined the Bank in 2017 from PwC where he had previously spent six years in various corporate sustainability and impact investing roles at both the firm and the PwC Charitable Foundation.  He has been involved in a number or projects, as an investor and as a buyer, that have involved early stage startups combining the use of tech as a means to help disrupt the philanthropic world through mission driven, yet for profit models. He regularly advises start ups on client acquisition strategies and has served as a mentor to a myriad of early stage firms.  Prior to working in the corporate world, Lane was an entrepreneur and a marketing/PR professional. He has a Master's in International Development Economics from UC San Diego and a Bachelor's in International Studies from Kenyon College.

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Jonathan Vivar,
Eir, emeritus

Jonathan Vivar is a seasoned technology executive, investor, consultant and advisor with 25 years of experience in sales, delivery, business & digital strategy and M&A.  Currently, he is a Senior Vice President/ Head of New Business & Logo Sales at Xerox Corporation.  Additionally, Jon is an Angel Investor with Charleston Angel Partners and has invested in several successful startups including:  Dynepic, Engage Talent, Terrastride and Baebies.  He sits on the Board of Advisors for Dynepic and Engage Talent and sits on the Board of Trustees for Oaks Integrated Care, a $125M healthcare provider.  Previously, he was an executive with IBM, HP and Oracle where he had various leadership roles in sales, delivery and marketing.  He is a graduate of the EDP at Wharton School of Business and attended Temple University for his MBA and the George Washington University for his BBA

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Valerie Toscano,

Valerie Toscano is a proven leader and advisor with over 20 years of experience in service delivery, marketing and product development. Prior to her venture into consulting she held leadership positions at JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch where she led multi-disciplined teams through complex technology implementations, e-commerce product development initiatives and change management efforts. She now brings her big corporate expertise to the start up ecosystem applying her strategic planning, process improvement and program management expertise to help businesses in need accelerate scale and effectively meet their business goals.